Louisville Hoop Fest

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Hooping it up With RK

When a lot of guys travel to participate in tourney across the US, they sometimes find themselves a little homesick. I remember when I was younger, I’d bust my butt off to be the best player possible. But one of the great disadvantages of being an elite player is that you are asked to travel quite a bit.

I made some friends along the way; however, I didn’t make any really close friends. In fact, much of my energy was placed towards keeping my girlfriend back home happy. My family was always really supportive and tried to watch my games when I was out and about, but for the most part I felt alone when I was on the road.

If I had to go back in time I think I would have put more time in making friends on the road then spending so much time on the phone with my girl. She was really needy and caused more heartache than anything. So if I had to give anyone any advice when they’re young… please be more selfish about your free time because when you get older you’ll not be able to commit yourself to the things that make you happy.

I’m happily married now with two kids. I do do some traveling now. Do I get lonely while I’m away from my family? Yes, and I’ve found relatively unknown reality kings coupons┬áto help me through my loneliness.

I wish I had these at my disposal when I was a young kid. I think it would have made the transition of traveling without my girlfriend much easier. Although, RK is so good that I may have never left my hotel room.

Either way, I think that these are great for blowing off some steam at the end of a busy or stressful day.